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Buying or Selling a Horse Farm?

When you’ve made the decision to buy or sell a horse farm, you quickly realize you are in a very special real estate market. The uniqueness of your needs and desires becomes very evident and opens the door to finding the right person to represent you on this journey.

Cornerstone Associates has that exact person ready to serve you.  Christine Nibblett has been in the equine field for 35 years as a Trainer and Instructor, and she brings all that knowledge and expertise with her to serve the horse farm community in Delaware and Maryland.  Christine understands the unique characteristics of horse farms, from hobby farms to working farms. With her knowledge of the necessary elements for a successful purchase or sale, coupled with her absorbing ability to understand her client’s real estate needs, Christine is the person you want at your side. 

Reaching the unique community of equine farm sales requires specific targeting.  Encompassing the entire farm with meaningful photos and concise information is what will attract the potential buyer. Christine’s equine background will benefit greatly in your property standing out.  By personally bringing pre-approved buyers to your property, Christine enables prospective buyers to have spontaneous answers for many horse farm related questions. And, adding to this mix, Christine is well versed in keeping horses and other farm animals safe during showings.

Christine continues to enjoy a close affiliation with horse farm owners in both DE and MD, where she is respectfully privy to the day to day horse farm community, and the opportunities therein.  She knows the social media avenues, magazines, and websites that fellow equestrians frequent. To buy or sell your horse farm, your best step on your new journey is the first step, call Christine Nibblett at Cornerstone Associates today.




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